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Low Cost Pricing for LED Wholesalers, Suppliers & Organizations is the retail arm of epikSPARK LLC, a multinational corporation specializing in the design and implementation of LED lighting solutions for the United States and South America.

Our strategic agreements with a network of manufacturers allow us to respond quickly to the needs of LED suppliers and specialty customers. We are confident we can help you reduce your carbon footprint and improve your financial statement by designing the right LED solution for you.

epikSPARK offers LED wholesale solutions specifically designed for the following markets:

  • Residential
  • Industrial
  • Commercial
  • Educational Institutions
  • Street lights
  • Outdoors applications
  • Reflectors
  • Traffic lights
  • LED suppliers and resellers

We understand that LED lighting costs more up-front than its alternative lighting options. However, the very substantial savings in electricity bills and bulb replacements costs (savings of between $250 to $350 per bulb purchased over the lifetime of the bulb) make LED lights a great financial investment.

And, unlike incandescents, CFLs and fluorescent lights, LED lighting does not contain any mercury or other pollutants.

That’s why we promote our philosophy of “Green N’ Green”: green for the environment and green for your pocket.

Please contact us with any questions regarding your LED needs. We offer special low-cost LED wholesale prices for large quantities and can help you design the ideal solution based on your specific requirements.

Phone: 1-800-435-4430

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